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Jean Monnet Modules
In 2012, the European Commission recognised the efforts and focus on EU law and legal developments within the EU legal order of the Master’s programme in European Business Law and thereby awarded the Law School with several so-called Jean Monnet Modules. These include 'EU Law Evening Lectures' to which distinguished EU lawyers are invited to discuss their particular area of expertise, and the legal challenges and problems therein. Also, the course in EU Environmental Law falls within the umbrella of Jean Monnet Modules.


European Law Moot Court Competition

In 2013, our two teams engaged in the competition won the 'best pleading award' in their respective semi-finals in Leiden and Neuchâtel.


Programme evaluation
The Swedish National Agency for Higher Education (Högskoleverket) has deemed the Master’s Programme (two years) in European Business Law at the Faculty of Law, Lund University, to be of the highest quality. The Agency evaluates all higher education course programmes leading to degrees and designates them to be either of a “very high quality”, “high quality” or “poor quality


*     Article about the education at the law faculty

The Master’s Programme in European Business Law is an academic programme in English and open to Swedish and foreign students with at least a three year degree in Law (Bachelor, LL.B, or equivalent).

The students have the possibility to conclude the studies after one year and obtain a degree of Master (One Year) of Laws in European Business Law – Magisterexamen i Europeisk handelsrätt.


The Master provides an in-depth understanding of both the practical and the theoretical aspects of business law within the European Union and of how the Internal Market operates in a global context. The students will also acquire knowledge in EU constitutional law as a necessary basis for the understanding of European business law.


The programme ranges from a basic exploration of the European Union’s constitutional foundations to extensive study of topics central to the business environment or to economic analysis. The Master in European Business Law provides training in technically specialized areas within European law, such as free movement law, competition law, contract law, tax law, and state aids law.


The teaching also involves guest lecturers coming from private practice e.g. the law firm Vinge Brussels, and the EU institutions.


The students involved in the programme may also participate in the European Moot Court competition during the second year of the programme Lund’s teams have been successful in reaching the semi-finals of the competition during the last five years. Lund won the competition in 2010 as an Advocate General and also reached the final in Luxembourg in 2012. In 2013, our two teams engaged in the competition won the 'best pleading award' in their respective semi-finals in Leiden and Neuchâtel.


A combination of compulsory courses (75 credits) and optional courses (45 credits) is offered.

Compulsory courses:

·         EU Constitutional Law (1st term), 7,5 credits

·         Principles of European Business Law  (1st term), 7,5 credits

·         Internal Market Law (1st term), 15 credits

·         Argumentation and Methodology (1st-2nd terms), 3 credits

·         EU Competition Law (2nd  term), 12 credits

·         Master thesis, 30 credits, (4th term / alternatively, Master thesis, 15 credits, 2nd term)



Career opportunities


After you graduate from this Master’s programme you will be adequately prepared for all careers involving legal advice and consultancy on business location decision in a cross-border perspective. Future employers can be law firms, EU institutions, Governmental Organizations or private companies. You can also continue your academic career based on legal research in EU law.  



·          Master's Programme, 1 or 2 Years, Full time

·          Code: LU-18200

·          60 or 120 credits

·          Lund Campus

·          Next study period: 1 Sep 2014 – 5 Jun 2016

·          Degree awarded: Master of Laws in European Business Law (LL.M)

·          Tuition fees: 130,000 SEK per study year for non-EU/EEA students (approx. 13,700 EUR). EU/EEA students do not pay tuition fees.



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For questions about the programme, contact Programme Coordinator Anders Tröjer

*     anders.trojer@jur.lu.se

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